It is summer now the perfect time for people that love traveling to discover the world Right? Although some people love other seasons anyway “Tastes vary“. One of the most popular platforms people use to book their travel adventures is Today I’m going to give you some helpful tips you should follow if you want to save money on the platform. Whether you love traveling in Summer, Winter, or other seasons it will work for you as well. let’s get started.

1. Sign Up for a Newsletter

I love when I receive an email saying a discount of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even “5% anyway it’s still considered a discount, where can I find it.” in my destination. I bet you are as well everyone loves discounts. This is your first step Sign up for newsletter. This will give you access to exclusive deals and discounts, leading to savings on your reservations.

2. Book Early

Make sure to book your stay in advance to get lower rates. Prices for hotels and accommodations are likely to rise when the date of your stay approaches. If possible, make your reservation as soon as possible to get the best possible pricing.

3. Use the Genius Loyalty Program has a program called the Genius Loyalty Program. It is a free program that offers members instant discounts and rewards at hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. This program has 3 levels once you create an account, you will be enrolled in Genius Level 1 which offers you 10% off. Keep progressing in the Genius levels and unlock more rewards, like: 15% discount on Level 2 and 20% discount on Level 3 plus Free breakfast, Free room upgrades, etc…

4. Check different websites.

Although is a good place to book your vacations it is not the only hotel booking website out there. Sometimes it is a good idea to check other websites and compare prices maybe you can find the best deal in other places.

5. Use Coupons and Promo Codes



Look, every time we talk about saving money on anything, coupons should come first to your mind. According to a study. “Skipping Coupons Could Cost You $1,465 Per Year” the same study says that the average savings you can expect when you use travel coupons is $41.05 per purchase. So why not, coupon codes are free to use anyway. provide coupons that you can use on its website to save money. You can find a list of coupons and deals on our coupons page.

6. Take Advantage of Secret Deals

If you did the first step we said above “Sign Up for a Newsletter” you will have access to Secret Deals. It’s exclusive discounts that are available only to members and newsletter subscribers.

7. Read reviews before you book.

Reviews are a great way to know what other people experienced and think about a particular property. Reading reviews will help you get a sense of and know if a property is a good fit for you or not. Make sure to check the number and the most recent reviews also the overall rating.

8. Use Global Partner Community has a forum where partners can connect with each other and share advice. As a partner, you can ask for help from other partners, or you can browse the forum to see what others talking about. Also, you will get ideas on saving money, finding travel companions, and more.

9. Set Price Alerts

Price alerts are a good feature provides. If you have a specific destination and travel dates in your mind but it’s not ready to book yet. Set-up price alerts will notify you when prices for your chosen accommodation drop, allowing you to secure the best deals.

10. Travel during Off-Peak

Your traveling during off-peak seasons can result in much cost savings. Prices for accommodations tend to be lower during periods when tourist traffic is lower. Also, you can enjoy a more relaxed and less crowded travel experience.
Study: According to research over 54% of travelers like to travel during off-peak season.

11. Use Filters provides filters to specify your search results. Use these filters to find the accommodations that match your budget. By doing this you will ensure you don’t waste time sifting through options that don’t meet your needs.

12. Combine Multiple Bookings

If you think to visit many destinations on your trip, then consider booking it all through Because many hotels provide discounts for longer stays, so merging your bookings can lead to extra savings.

13. Book Directly with the Property

We know that is an excellent place to compare and find options. But it is a good idea to check the official website of the property as well. we are here to look for the best price as much as possible right? So, Some hotels provide discounts or rewards that are not available on third-party booking websites.

14. Consider Alternative Accommodations

Don’t limit yourself to hotels only. offers various alternative accommodations, including apartments, hostels, and vacation rentals. This can lead to unique experiences and cost savings compared to traditional hotels.

15. Avoid Extra Services and Fees

During your booking process, avoid any additional services or fees that can be included automatically. Review details Carefully and remove any unnecessary add-ons to ensure you only pay for what you need.

16. At last Check for Price Match Guarantees

Some hotels and properties offer price match guarantees, which means they will match or beat the price if you find a lower price in other places. Check if the accommodation you choose provides this guarantee to secure the best possible deal before making your reservation.